Q&A / Part II

It’s my first day in Minneapolis and I have yet to make friends so I’ve been spending my day alone (so bored), so I decided to kill time by answering some of the questions you guys have for me!

Q: I was raised Catholic but I have extreme doubts about my faith. How do you overcome them? I mean, how do you know that God is real, and that the Bible is actually truth?

A: I know that God is real and the Bible is true because I’ve experienced Him first-hand. I’ve seen healings, His blessings and so many miracles! God is always there, but He doesn’t always show Himself unless we personally seek intimacy with Him. He is always speaking but when we’re not open to Him, we won’t hear Him. I also attend a church that believes in and practices signs and wonders (healings, tongues, prophesy, etc.) which has strengthened my faith so much!

Q: Have you ever been to Passion?

A: I haven’t! It’s such an awesome event but I don’t think I would go out of my way to fly across the country to attend. If it ever came to Minnesota I would totally go!

Q: Do you have any advice on feeling left out/losing friendships because you realized that maybe they weren’t the best people?

A: Yes! I’ve battled with this my entire life. I’ve never had luck with friendships. I’m not sure if it’s just who I am and if it’s my introverted personality type but I’m always the left out friend. It honestly hurts and gets lonely but I’ve just sort of learned to deal. I’m believing that my future husband will be my best friend! But until then, I will continue to seek and pursue friendships, even if it never reaches past acquaintancship (I just made up that word, lol). Not everyone is meant to have tons of friends and that’s totally okay! You just have to get past that “pity me” mindset and be the pursuer sometimes.

Q: If you had to be sent back in time to a point before Jesus was born in a section of the Bible and you lived in the times of one of the stories in the OT, which one would you choose and why?

A: Honestly I would choose to go to the time of Adam and Eve and tell her not to eat that stinkin’ apple! Haha. Most of the OT is scary and absolutely nuts and I absolutely would not want any part of that, haha.

Q: How do you stay “yourself” or stay strong in the Word when you’re constantly surrounded by nonbelievers and temptations of the world?

A: Let the Word outweigh the world. Don’t hang out with nonbelievers. Don’t be around temptations. The world is so temporary, Jesus is eternal. There is nothing this world can offer that won’t leave you broken, dry and exhausted. Find Godly friends to spend time with and let THEM pour into you, not nonbelievers. Still love the nonbelievers but be careful not to associate yourself with them because they’ll drag you down so quickly.

Q: Favorite place you’ve ever traveled? And where do you want to travel next?

A: I actually haven traveled too much but I did go to Nicaragua on a missions trip and it changed my life! And I’m hoping to someday be a missionary in France or India!

Q: How do you study the Bible?

A: I actually don’t really “study” the Bible, I just read it and take it in and listen to sermons and podcasts and stuff! I should start doing my own study though!

Q: How did you start blogging?

A: I created a website and uploaded a blog. Lol

Q: How did your family and friends react when you told them what you wanted to study, and what else would you have liked to study! It’s been on my heart to be a missionary as well!

A: It’s a great calling to have! They were all super supportive!

Q: What’s your favorite book and why?

A: I actually don’t read many books haha. I don’t have time or the desire outside of the Bible. Oops.

Q: What do you do when you feel like you’re trying your best with your faith but it’s a slow and dry season? What do you during the waiting?

A: I can relate to this so hard. Dry seasons are the WORST. Honestly, I think the worst thing you can do is stop praying and reading the Word, no matter if you feel nothing. During the waiting, I seek (or at least have the intention to, I fail a lot of the time) intimacy with the Lord even greater. Get rid of idols (tv for me personally) and anything that has the potential to distract me from the Kingdom. Keep patient, greater things are to come.

Q: Where did you get your purity ring? I love it!

A: I get this question a lot haha I actually found it in a gift shop in a city in Michigan!

Q: What made you decide to start your blog? Btw I love it!

A: I wanted to write about my missions trip to Nicaragua and I jut kept it going after that! And thank you, I appreciate it!

Q: Do you think that people who go to church online (because they have to work or don’t live near churches) are just as spiritual as others? Do you believe you have to attend church in person to feel the full spirit?

A: No. And yes. It is completely unbiblical and unwise to not have a church community. It’ll create such destruction if we don’t have one. We are literally Biblically called to take part in a church community. Sermons are only one part of the church, if someone is only watching sermons without the community, mentorship and leadership, there will be such dryness and a lack of intimacy with God.

For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them. / Matthew 18:20

Not “where one is gathered in front of a screen, there I am with them.”

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another and all the more as you see the Day approaching. / Hebrews 10:24-25

It is so crucial to our faith to have a community. If you don’t, quit your job. Be willing to spend a little extra on gas. If it’s for the Kingdom, it’s worth it. It’s so dangerous to place work and other things above church.

Q: Will you be my bestie?

A: Heck ya I’ll be your bestie!

That’s all, folks! Thanks for sending me a few great questions to kill my boredom for a couple hours at least! If you thought of a question while reading this, no worries! I’ll do another Q&A sometime and my inbox is always open for any questions! Don’t be shy!

Disclaimer: if any of my answers confused you or you’d like more clarity, please do not hesitate to dm me asking for clarification! I don’t want anyone left confused.

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