You Asked, I Answered // Q&A

Q: Do you have any advice on standing out because you don’t do certain things (aka getting involved with gossip and all of the boy drama)?

A: I mean, this is a tough one because I’m totally not perfect. I sometimes do fall into gossip and have boy drama. I think the difference is, though, how you respond to it. Responding with maturity and recognizing that not everything needs a reaction will make you stand out more than not falling into those things.

Q: Do you have any chai recommendations?

A: Seasonal chai is my favorite! The pumpkin chai that Starbucks has right now is my go-to drink, I’ve loved it iced forever but I’m starting to like hot chai more!

Q: How do you stay on fire for the Lord when all you feel is numbness?

A: This is so tough. I’ve been in that position more times than I would have preferred but you just gotta do it. You can’t allow yourself to lose that spark. But, I will tell you that if you’re not constantly allowing Him to fill up through prayer, worship and the Word, you will never lose that numbness. He is the only answer; not the world or anything it has to offer.

Q: What has been a defining moment in your relationship with God?

A: There have been so many! Honestly I would say the “biggest” would be my missions trip. I was called to long-term overseas missions while I was over there and I’m leaving my home state soon to pursue missions! You can’t help but to be humbled when you’re surrounded by poverty but at the same time, the most joyous and grateful hearts you’ve ever seen.

Q: (Paraphrased) I want to love people unconditionally like God does but every time past experiences with people don’t bother me anymore, hate creeps back into my heart. How do you move on from the hate? How do you forgive people when you just can’t?

A: Honestly, I think just the fact of knowing that Jesus didn’t just die for you, He died for them too is reason enough to love and forgive them. Talk to them. Let them know that they did something that bothered you and try to understand their side of the situation. Most times, feeling hate towards others can come back to your own heart. Where’s your heart at? Sometimes we just need a heart check and to realize that people are going to hurt you and that’s okay. Love them anyway. Jesus did when He chose to die for them and we are called to be like Christ.

Q: Any Christian artists you would recommend? 

A: Shane & Shane and Bethel have been my jam recently!

Q: How have you received confirmation that you are in God’s will?

A: Oh man… I could write forever on this. It’s been spoken to me by friends, leaders and God Himself so many times. I get so much joy in my heart when I see anything that has to do with missions. A few days before I left to visit the school I will be attending in January, I was doubting my calling to the extreme and had a friend pray over me because of it. While she was praying, I heard God literally say the three words “you are called” to me. You can be out of His desire, but you can never be out of His will. There are certain setbacks but I don’t believe, if you truly desire it, He will ever let you out of His will.

Q: How do you find good, Christian friends in high school that won’t stab you in the back?

A: Depending on what you mean by being stabbed in the back, mostly everyone in your lifetime will do something along those lines. You can’t make friendships expecting nothing but a bed of roses. There will be hurts, but like I said in my first answer, how you respond to those hurts is everything. The best friends I’ve ever made I’ve made at church. It’s hard for me to get connected with nonbelievers. Even if this means all you have is acquaintances at school but best friends at church, that’s okay. High school is so temporary.

Q: What’s your best advice for dealing with anxiety?

A: Honestly, I’ve struggled with depression much more than anxiety so I don’t have much advice. I have experienced anxiety and panic attacks before and it’s absolutely crippling, but I think just being humble and letting others know you’re struggling and asking for prayer and wisdom is your best bet. If you’re feeling anxious, do something to calm or distract you. Pray. Jam to worship music. Shut your mind off to anything but God’s glory in that moment. That’s what’s helped me more than anything. 

Q: How do you find purpose in life?

A: At the cross. Simple as that.

Q: Advice for a blogger?

Consistency. Just keep writing and know that numbers don’t matter. Make your blog relatable. Both read the Word and pray before you write and ask God to reveal anything to you that you have written that may not be truth. Don’t let a lack of audience keep you from writing. It’s for the Kingdom, not an audience. Remember that.

Q: What makes you so passionate about writing?

This is going to sound odd but I don’t actually have a huge passion about writing. What I do have a passion for, though, is God’s Word being revealed to others and this is how He chose to use me to reveal it.

Q: Are you ever tempted to go back to your old lifestyle? If no, how do you keep your faith so strong? If yes, how do you strengthen your faith?

A: Oh my goodness, no way in literal hell. My old lifestyle was filled with such destruction, hurt and sin. I’m so far from being there anymore. I mean I still have temptations from my old lifestyle but not giving into them is easy when you have friends who hold you accountable. Honestly, you strengthen your faith by surrounding yourself with a community of believers who will constantly push you and encourage you. We can’t do it on our own.

Q: Could you share a little bit more about your journey to freedom from self harm?

A: I posted a blog post about that super recently! Read it here.

Q: What is your prayer time like?

A: It depends when and where! I honestly really love blasting my worship music in the car and praying as I drive (or just sit in it for awhile in my driveway after I get home). I also love spending time right when I wake up to turn on worship music and pray. It gets my day started out right!

Q: What albums have you been loving?

A: Honestly I don’t pay too much attention to albums, I pay more attention to singles. I have a few playlists of my favorite songs on my spotify, you can look me up by my full name and follow my playlists!

Q: What is your devotional time like?

A: Bethel instrumental playing quietly as I read/pray/journal! I honestly need more devotional time. Making it a priority is rough for me, but it’s so necessary as a Christ follower.

Q: If you could live in any country right now, where would it be?

A: America. Lol. I’m not spiritually, mentally or emotionally ready to be anywhere else yet. But in two and a half years I’m hoping to do my internship either in India or France!

Q: How many tattoos do you have?

I got them all BC and would never get another one but I have 3!

Q: What’s your advice on not settling or waiting for what God has for you?

A: Don’t settle and wait for what God has for you. It’s really as simple as that. Rushing into things could mean rushing into something that is not of God, so walking in patience and trusting that God knows what He’s doing is necessary.

Q: How has your chronic illness impacted your life and your relationship with God?

A: Honestly, it was something I struggled with for years, but oddly enough, I always had a peace about it. I still have no idea why He allowed it in my life but I’m trusting that there is/was a reason! Maybe to relate with others. I honestly have no idea. It got me desperate and He sometimes allows things like that to come into our lives so we are desperate for only Him, not the world.

Q: Do you always wear a hat?

A: Lol yep.

Q: Who’s your favorite person on twitter named “Bailey Seal”?

A: Ehh… I don’t think I have one.

Q: If you had to change your last name from Thomas to one of the other original 12 disciples, which one would you choose?

A: LOL. Honestly, Peter was a baller. Nadia Louise Peter… Sounds like I was born with that name! (Not really) (I like my name)


Wow, these were super great and challenging questions guys! Just as a disclaimer, if you have any confusion or want me to clarify more on an answer, don’t hesitate to dm me! I’d be more than willing to clear anything up and let you know where my heart’s at.

Love you guys.

God bless.

The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you; in His love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing. // Zephaniah 3:17

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