The Struggle is Real, But so is God

The other night, I was half asleep and for some odd reason, decided to check my phone. There was a message from a girl saying all of her other friends were asleep and that she needed someone to talk to. She proceeded to tell me a few things she was currently struggling with and one thing she said hit me harder than anything else. She said her grandparents once told her that if she was “Christian enough” she wouldn’t be “feeling these feelings.” She wouldn’t be suffering from suicidal thoughts, depression, etc.

It made my jaw drop and hurt my heart so much that someone could say this to someone, let alone a loved one. What? Where the heck in the Word does it say that?! What did they think the Word was talking about when it says “in this world, you will have troubles…” (John 16:33). What suffering were they thinking it was talking about when the Word said “rejoice in your sufferings…” (Romans 5:3)?!

Christians: the struggle IS real. But so is our God.

You will have moments when you fall and you will have moments when you fail. Countless. But never forget: moments are FLEETING. God is ETERNAL. But I promise, these moments never have and never will make you less of a Christian.

I’m gonna be real with you. I just got done crying from an emotional breakdown. Sometimes life just stinks. Sometimes I wish I was an optimist. Sometimes I wish the first thing I see about situations isn’t the worst. Sometimes ya just gotta cry it out and verbalize to God how you’re feeling. He already knows, but there’s something humbling about laying your emotions at the feet of Jesus.

So yes. It’s okay to be a Christian and not have it all together.

No, it does not make you any less of a Christian. It makes you human.

There will be hurt and there will be heartache. There will be physical afflictions along with mental ones. You will lose loved ones. Life won’t always go as planned and it will just stink sometimes. But… take heart, for He has overcome the world (and your battles !!!). All ya gotta do is lay them at His feet. They’re already taken cared of. They were already nailed to the cross. He will meet you with His mercies that are new.

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. // Isaiah 41:10

The girl I mentioned earlier asked me how I don’t let the moments impact me. Honestly, the only thing that gets me through moments of distress is knowing that they are just that; MOMENTS. This will not last forever. Joy comes in the MOURNING!!! Don’t wait until the morning to rest in God’s joy. It’s right here. Right now. Always and forever. Never fleeting. It’s so easy for us to feel like the entire world is falling apart in rough moments but sometimes ya just gotta let go of that feeling, get on your knees before God, turn on some worship music and receive His comfort.

I do genuinely believe that sometimes there will be less hurt (but it’s always circumstantial) when you are FULLY rested in God and dig deep into His Word because sometimes the reason for your hurt is because God wants your attention. This does not mean there are “better” Christians than the other or God’s favor is upon one and not another. God will bless your genuine effort to receive Him and walk with Him fully and always, despite the circumstance.

This is gonna sting a few people, but… most times, our hurt isn’t even from the enemy. It’s self inflicted. We put ourselves in situations that can sometimes lead to our own heartache. Do you know your own voice from the enemy’s? It’s so important to recognize this in yourself. But aren’t you so thankful for a God that is so beyond willing to pull us out of even self-induced situations? I am.

My motto for the past few months has been “even when my circumstance isn’t good, God still is.” There is SO much truth in this!!!! It’s been such a helpful reminder and I hope it helps you too.

So, friend, put on the full armor of God and win this fight.

You gave Your good Spirit to instruct them, Your manna You did not withhold from their mouth, And You gave them water for their thirst. // Nehemiah 9:20

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