What Does Intimacy with God Really look Like? 

the past couple weeks, i’ve felt so distant from God. i feel as if i’ve lost my desire to seek intimacy with Him & be surrounded by His people & in His presence when most times, it’s all my heart desires.

so why do i feel this separation from God? it’s actually quite simple – i was treating our relationship as a one way street rather than a two way street. i wasn’t going out of my way (when it should be the only way, not out of our way) to spend extra time (or time at all) with Him. i didn’t pick up a bible in a long time. i wasn’t praying consistently. well heck… no wonder i felt so dry. i wasn’t having any intimacy whatsoever with the Lord.

so… what does intimacy with Him really look like? well first, let me tell you what it doesn’t look like.

  • intimacy with the Lord isn’t reading a spiritual quote online that hit you just right.

intimacy is not only reading but digging into the alive & active Word of God itself. it’s prioritizing the time to not only get to know the Lord through His Word, but to get to know the character of His chosen people. i do agree that these quotes can provide encouragement – but not always intimacy. 

  • intimacy with the Lord isn’t going to church every Sunday.

but of course, the Lord can speak to you through the message or worship & that’s what intimacy is; when He speaks to you directly, most times He doing so through a message or worship. intimacy with Him is so much more than the simple act of attending church.

  • intimacy with the Lord isn’t just surrounding yourself with Godly friends & engaging in your community. 

again… this can provide encouragement, but usually not personal intimacy. the Bible says community is essential (Hebrews 10:24-25) & can spur you on, but don’t forget about that alone time.

  • but… intimacy with the Lord is setting time aside for just you & Him for Him to speak life into you & for you to surrender your all to Him.

once you do this, i promise your life will be forever changed. pick up your Bible before you pick up your phone in the mornings. make an effort of intimacy. He will bless it so abundantly. you will grow so much. 
my personal favorite time of intimacy is when i can just sit in my car or go for a long drive blasting some super anointed worship music & let the tears flow as i pray to Him & surrender my all. it’s where i feel as if most of my own personal relationship with Him blossoms the most.

try this sometime. lay specific time aside for Him because He not only laid in that tomb for three days in physical lifelessness for you, but conquered it also. 

i mean… why would you not want to have an intimate & personal relationship with the Creator of every blade of grass, every galaxy & the painter of every sky? He wants to have one with you.

think about that. 

He’s so worthy of our time. let’s choose to make it a daily priority.

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