Christians: How do They Find Their Calling?

I feel as if it’s such a commonality between Christ followers to desperately want God to reveal their calling to them. We make it out to be the biggest aspect of our Christian lives. Sometimes it only takes days, sometimes it takes months… Sometimes it takes years. But let me tell you… The wait is so worth it.

For about a year I found myself waiting on God to receive my calling. I was genuinely so jealous of others who have received it before me, making me even more impatient to receive the specific purpose the Lord had in store for me.

A point in my life came where I was completely content with where I was in my walk with God that I didn’t need specific answers that very moment; or at all. I was focused on nothing but growing in my relationship with Christ and better understanding who He is as a whole rather than what He has in store for me.

Last year, God called me to a missions trip in Nicaragua. I had an expectant heart for the sick to receive healing and and salvations to occur, but never in a million years would I expect to receive my calling in another country, halfway across the globe… I will never forget the very moment I felt the call from God to be a medical missionary. It was the most special thing to me and I held it (and still do) so dear to my heart.

I knew it was a call from God because it’s all my mind thought about. It’s all I wanted my mind to think about. I wanted to watch movies on cultures in other countries, I became so intrigued when I came across an immigrant from a developed country and wanted to follow and overall surround myself with missionaries and missions organizations. I feel my spirit literally fill up when I listen to songs about overseas missions or simply talk to missionaries. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. God sends me reminders and “signs” here and there to remind me of my incredible future in the mission field. And that’s how I know it’s my calling. He has made it so evident and so clear, not leaving me guessing, wondering or doubting.

And that’s how you’ll know yours too. God wants to ready you, to prepare you, whatever that may look like, before allowing you to receive your calling. He wants to put you in a place of certainty. Of assurance. Of rest.

Don’t spend so much time focusing on your calling; spend all of your time focusing on the Lord.

He has begun a work in you that He so desperately wants to bring to completion; let Him. Don’t think you can hit the fast forward button or walk through closed doors and receive the blessings He wants to bestow upon you. He will always bestow blessings on us simply because He is a good God, but I promise, they will be so much bigger and better if you choose to wait and walk down His path rather than your own.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” // Romans 8:28 | NIV

It’s genuinely as simple as that; don’t place your calling above God’s will. If you’re desperately seeking your calling but you’re not even more desperately seeking Christ and all His Kingdom has to offer, why do you get disappointed that you haven’t received your calling yet?

Don’t allow yourself to mistake a desire for your calling. It’s so much greater than that. If you do have a feeling that a certain desire may be your calling, first pray about it, then seek Godly advice from the leaders and pastors around you. If it genuinely is your calling, Godly leaders will be able to see it in you. If they’re iffy about it… Pray about it some more. God is not a God of confusion; He is a God of clarity. He wants you to be able to fully recognize and embrace the special calling He’s placed upon your life.

Wait. The one word we all despise, yet it’s the one word that will get us exactly where He wants us. Allow yourself to grow in patience in the Lord. Don’t think you can crack a closed door open and get a sneak peak into your calling. Let Him reveal it to you in HIS time! Trying to force your way in will always result in a door being slammed in your face.

Always allow yourself to be willing. To be obedient. Let your heart’s cry be “here am I, Lord.” Open yourself and He will use you for great and mighty things.

Rest in this today; God has such a special and unique calling specifically for YOU. Don’t you think that’s worth the wait?!

Continue to pray about it but don’t let your calling become more important than your God. He sees and knows when it will be best for you! But for now, continue to dig deep in His Word and in prayer, endlessly seeking Him in all things. The wait will be so worth it, I promise.

Keep seeking. Keep pursuing. Keep trusting. He has something so great, so furthering to the Kingdom in store for you. Don’t allow yourself to doubt that, not even for a second. For now, let your calling simply be loving Christ and loving people. That in itself is enough.

“He called you to this through our gospel, that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.” // 2 Thessalonians 2:14 | NIV

One thought on “Christians: How do They Find Their Calling?

  1. Mom

    I finally read it!!!…. You are so full of wisdom for a young lady. I’m very proud of you and excited to see where God takes you. Love always, Mom.


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